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Anxiety’s A B!tch

Dr. John Mayer

I’m going to break the rules here. The first five of these Podcasts get right into practical help. Only after that do I get around to all that long boring, but important stuff on what Anxiety is and does to your body. If you are suffering from anxiety-YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHAT IT IS AND YOU GOT IT!! Let’s fix it first, then we can take the luxury of getting all techy.I created this series as a reaction to all the pop-psychology and pseudo-science advice on the Internet. Patients keep mentioning these posts, I keep rolling my eyes and after a while too much eye rolling gets fatiguing. I get grouchy when I’m tired.I am a noted and accomplished clinical psychologist, a scientist and a clinician. These podcasts cut through those weeds of bad advice and give you very useable, practical approaches to calm your ANXIETY. If you want coloring books and Hope Journals go somewhere else, but if you want to quickly calm your stress and anxiety, listen in.The techniques and approach here are solidly based on the best practices and research in mental health, decades of experience, and analysis of 6200 cases of success in coping with anxiety. You won’t get this level of expertise anywhere else. Each episode gives doable techniques to help you NOW!I hope you will find my podcasts to be easy listening as well as life changing. I must warn you I am candid and not afraid to step on the toes of those who advance bad advice and home spun techniques.Give a listen.